First BIT is a Certified
Gold Bitrix partner

What is Bitrix24?
Free collaboration suite with 35+ tools
Bitrix24 is a complete suite of social collaboration, communication
and management tools for your team.

Bitrix24 replaces a large number of collaboration tools, providing
a single work zone for all your projects, contacts, files, phone calls
and even emails!

For managers - it is the transparency of the company
and all processes.

For employees - easy tool to improve performance.
Bitrix24 is a Cloud & Self-hosted intranet solution which handles
the many aspects of daily operations and tasks. Main Features:
  • Social Intranet
  • Posts In Activity Stream
  • Tasks & Projects
  • Workgroups
  • CRM System
  • Instant Messages
  • Video Calls
  • File Sharing
  • Calendars
  • Reports & Monitoring
  • Document Management
  • Meetings & Briefings
  • Workflows
  • Work Reports
  • Telephony
  • Company Structure
  • Employee Directory
  • Time Management
  • Mail
  • Mobile App
  • More, lots more!
Social Network for Business
Project Management & Tasks
Group Chat & Video
Document management & Bitrix24. Drive
Calendar & Planning
Business Process Management & Workflows
More, Lots More
Social Network for Company
An internal social network system lets you collaborate easier, faster and more efficiently. Get instant feedback, share ideas, create workgroups and engage your employees. That’s Productivity 2.0.

Bitrix24 social enterprise platform provides tools for task management, document sharing, and time tracking integrated into just this type of social interface for maximum efficiency of communications and work.

The Activity Stream is the best way to stay aware of all events, projects, document changes, etc. You can start group conversations, get feedback, and keep an eye on everything that happens in your company 24/7! Also available in the free iPhone / Android app.
Project and Task management software
From personal ToDos and simple tasks to complex projects – Bitrix24 project management tools help delegate and coordinate, making sure the job is done properly and on time.
Projects & Tasks can be created from any place! You can monitor, comment, or attach files on any task in the Activity Stream. Projects can be accessed only by users relevant to them. Gantt Chart view and Calendar synch are also available for projects.
Time spent on each task within the project can be tracked, and tasks are integrated into the group calendar. Furthermore, projects can be created in the Extranet, so clients or partners can participate fully in them.
  • Deadline control
  • Time tracking
  • Delegating
  • Project workgroups
  • Gantt chart and task dependencies
  • Employee Workload Management in tasks
  • Task templates and repeating tasks
  • Task reminders up to the minute (for both who set the task and who’s responsible for completion)
  • Check lists with automatic sorting of completed tasks
  • Task rating
  • Task reports
  • Integrated with CRM, workflows, calendars, and Bitrix24.Drive.
Group chat and video
Real Time Communications

Bitrix24 with voice and video calls is an excellent replacement of external services. It is easy to hold HD quality video conferences and share screens during conversations. Simply take calls (with or without video) from your PC/tablet/phone and stay connected anywhere!
Document management & Bitrix24.Drive
Secure online document storage, online multi-user editing and custom document approval workflows are just a few advantages of Bitrix24's document management system.

Uploading your shared files to Bitrix24 will make them accessible in a powerful document management system. Presentations, documents, videos, and any other files can be placed for download, collaboration, or private use. Most importantly, you can find any document quickly through the internal search.
  • Company drive (Bitrix24.Drive)
  • Easy Document Collaboration
  • Personal and group drives
  • Private & Shared Documents
  • Version History
  • Creating & Editing Documents Online
  • Integration with External Drives (GoogleDrive, Dropbox)
  • Approval workflows
  • Multi-user online editing
  • File syncing
  • Share files with external users (aka ‘public files’) – with different permission settings
  • Multi-device online/offline access
Calendar and Planning
Time Management & Planning Easily

Invite your colleagues to a meeting, schedule appointments with clients directly from the CRM, create private and shared calendars for yourself, workgroups, or entire company.

Built-in event and task reminders, as well as MS Outlook synch won’t let you miss a thing scheduled by you or your colleagues! You can view your personal or workgroup events on a single grid of your Calendar.

The Meeting Planner manages invitations, responses, and the main points of the meeting (can be also assigned as tasks). Minutes can be logged and
the results of the meeting are saved, providing transparency after the meeting has ended.

Integration of your calendars via mobile lets road-warriors share changes in their schedule from iPhone, iPad or Android.
Email is not dead – far from it. If you work with email daily, you are sure to appreciate ability to access it directly from your Bitrix24 account.

Some people use email for collaboration. Others prefer enterprise social networking. Why fight, when with Bitrix24 you can have both? Email is here to stay, so we put it right inside the social intranet to give you the best of both worlds.
  • A fully-functional email server inside Bitrix24 that features:
  • Unlimited email space
  • Built-in antivirus
  • Built-in antispam
  • Lots more
Sell more with Bitrix24 CRM and sales team management. From customer database to email marketing and automatic lead assignment – it’s all there.

The customer Relationship Management in Bitrix24 provides a platform to organize and track interaction with potential or existing clients, partners, agents and other contacts.

Bitrix24 CRM forms a contact base where the interaction and the history of contacts are managed and stored. All new events (phone calls,
messages, meetings) connected with a contact can be used for further interaction (including a tasks assignment).
  • Dashboards for all CRM entities
  • Supervisor reports
  • Fully customizable social CRM
  • Custom fields analytics
  • Total sales cycle management (leads, contacts, companies, deals)
  • Unlimited CRM Records
  • Sales automation software (business processes, scheduling, tasks)
  • Email marketing (Send individual or group emails to a list of leads, contacts, or companies. Creating email message templates in CRM)
  • Quotes and invoices (Create a quote selecting items from the CRM product catalog and send it by email, download it, or print it. Client data are automatically inserted into an invoice - just select the appropriate Contact/Lead)
  • Product catalog
  • Access Rights and Roles in CRM
  • Integration with your Website
  • Sales funnel and reports
  • Integrated telephony (make and even record the calls to clients directly from the CRM using Bitrix24 Telephony. Additionally, it is possible to use IP-telephony applications (Skype, Lync, or other)
  • Mobile CRM
Make phone calls to your clients and co-workers from your portal with one click. Log and record phone calls directly inside the CRM. Yes, you can use Bitrix24 as a virtual call center.

You don’t need any special IP-telephony equipment, you can call from your Bitrix24 portal anywhere (any mobile phone or land line, domestically or internationally) where there’s a reliable internet connection.

You can call directly from the CRM and record the conversation; rent local phone numbers in 43 countries , create extensions, set up call queuing and forwarding; and connect SIP phones to Bitrix24. By renting a SIP connector your company can have its own cloud or office PBX.

Telephony is built into all Bitrix24 plans and editions.
  • No additional software to install. No add-ons
  • Pricing lower than Skype and most other IP-telephony services
  • Less equipment to purchase – no need for IP telephones for your sales personnel, just regular headsets
  • Works with all popular SIP phone models.
  • Bitrix24 mobile app converts your smartphone into a SIP/VoIP phone
  • Call source report (Automatically determines which marketing channels was used for the call)
Bitrix24 as an HRMS

You can use Bitrix24 as a free human resources management system (HRMS) for your company. Our HRMS software comes with an employee directory, absence chart, self service portal, time management, work reports, knowledge base and 20+ other HR tools.

Bitrix24 allows you to manage your Company Structure. With just a few clicks, you can add, change or remove a department, assign to an employee a new position, change access permissions, etc! The Company Structure is visual and 100% drag-and-drop!
  • Employee Engagement
  • Time Management
  • Work Reports (The Report Builder lets you collect the data needed to evaluate work efficiency, and total time spent on projects and tasks. You can produce reports automatically on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. A custom period can also be set)
  • Self Service and Workflow Automation
  • Access Permissions
Business Process Management & Workflows
Business Processes help you manage workflows inside your CRM, Document Library, and Lists. A special drag-and-drop editor helps you to build elaborate schemes with numerous stages that an element should go through until it’s approved by the responsible person.

Standard workflows via Activity Stream (Leave Requests, Business Trips, Expenses, Purchases, General Requests) are included in all Bitrix24 plans.

Records Management (Common Lists)
Simplified (Common) Lists help you manage record-based data directly in the front end of your intranet. You can easily set up and maintain suppliers' directories, product catalogs, expense items, etc. It's all very easy to create and organize!

Service Request Forms (e-Orders)
You can submit an order (office supplies, visitor passes, courier deliveries and other services) for your everyday needs through your intranet portal. Flexible workflow settings (statuses for each order, email notifications, etc.). This tool is available in Bitrix24 Self-hosted version.
Yes, it works on your iPhone, iPad or Android too. You can take your Bitrix24 account with your phone or tablet and it will always be only one tap away

Mobile application
Bitrix24's mobile application functions as a mobile intranet portal, mobile CRM and a mobile HRMS system.
You can work with tasks, access files, make and receive video calls, manage workflows and much more. Get push-notifications if your attention is required.
  • Stay connected
  • Mobile tasks
  • Mobile documents
  • Real Time Communications
  • Mobile video
  • Track your schedule
  • Mobile CRM
  • Mobile Intranet
  • Mobile Workflows
More, Lots More
Do more with Bitrix24!
Bitrix24 comes with over 35 tools, including

Bitrix24 with voice and video calls is an excellent replacement of external services. It is easy to hold HD quality video conferences and share screens during conversations. Simply take calls (with or without video) from your PC/tablet/phone and stay connected anywhere!
  • Admin Tools & Project Development Control Panel, front-end and back-end editing, database optimization tools, intranet analytics, performance monitor, geo web-cluster and more! Full control anytime!
  • Advanced Integration Options & Security (Exchange, Sharepoint integrations; Active Directory / LDAP; MS Outlook / MS Exchange Server; Source code availability / REST API; Multi website integration (Site Controller)... and more!
  • Additional product customization. You can change your company logo, menus, templates, CSS styles, etc. Besides the customizable Classic Intranet template, you can also use the Social Intranet template.
  • 100% customizable with source code
  • Front-End Customization
  • Multi Department Division
  • Content management system
  • Access limitations by IP
  • Workflow automation
  • Work reports
  • Records management
  • e-Learning, HelpDesk,
  • Knowledge management
  • Common Wiki
  • Polls & Surveys
  • Web Forms
Plans and pricing. Compare features
Plans & Pricing
Product Features Free
Standard Professional BizPace BizPace
Price $0 / month $39 / month $99 / month $199 / month $4 999 $14 990
Users 12 24 unlimited unlimited 25 ($40/per additiona l user) 100 ($40/per additional user)
Storage 5Gb 24Gb 100Gb unlimited unlimited unlimited
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Purchase Free inquire inquire inquire inquire inquire
Unified Communications
Enterprise Social Network
Collaborate by email
Instant messaging and group chat
Email Connectors
External Users
Tasks and Project Management
Unlimited tasks / subtasks
Unlimited projects / Workgroups
Daily planner
Task templates
Time tracking / Workload planning
Check lists
Gantt chart
Task dependencies 5 unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Document Management
Company Drive (Bitrix24.Drive)
Online Editing GoogleDocs / MS Office Online / Office 365
Multiuser Editing
Document Search (incl. content)
Version History
Document Sharing
Custom Access Rights
Planning, Reporting and Time Management
Calendars (Personal and Shared)
Two way sync with iOS, Android, Google, Outlook calendars
Work reports
Time management
Meetings and Briefings
CRM and Sales Automation
Lead and contact management
Email Marketing
Sales Automation
Sales Team Management
Sales Funnel and Sales Reports
IP-Telephony / Phonecall recording
Import / Export
CRM record conversions
Advanced duplicate search
CRM change history
Backup restore
List view exceeding 5000 records
Progressive dialer (coming soon)
Trigger emails (coming soon)
Telephony (fully depends on the regional rules)
Rent local and toll free phone numbers
Relay number
Unlimited incoming lines
Phone call routing
Phone call transfer
CRM integration
PBX integration
VoIP phone set support
Internal extensions
Phone hours
Greeting and voice mail recordings
Phone call recordings up to 100/mo unlimited unlimited unlimited
Simultaneous call to all available employees
Call quality evaluation
Call source tracking (marketing)
Call analytics and reports (coming soon)
IVR (coming soon)
HR and Employee Management
Employee Directory and OrgChart
Absence Chart and Leave Management
Customizable Employee Profiles
Employee Self Service
Gamification / Employee Engagement
Company Pulse
Company news and announcements
Access Limit by IP
Own Logo
Records Management (Lists)
Own Domain Name
Multiple Divisions
Staff Changes / Employee Timeline
Job Board / Resume Management
eLearning and Knowledge Management
Workflow Automation
Visual Business Process Designer
Automatic Task Creation
Social BPM
Approvals (Assets, Expenses, etc)
Web Forms
Bitrix24 Apps, Integrations
iPhone and iPad app
Android smartphone / tablet app
Windows / MacOS desktop apps
App Marketplace
Rest API
Backend Controls
External Data Feeds
Twitter / Facebook / GoogleAccount integration
Classic and Social interfaces
CMS and Source Code
Active Directory, SSO, MS Exchange, Sharepoint Sync
Outlook, GoogleDocs, MS Office Integration
WAF - Web Application Firewall
Access control
One-time password
800 000+ organizations
are already using Bitrix24
3 500 000 user worldwide
225 countries
8 languages
Leverage your Bitrix24 with First BIT, Certified Gold Partner of Bitrix.
First BIT is the only Certified Gold Bitrix partner in the Middle East and Africa, and the largest Bitrix partner in the world.
our sevices
First BIT is offering a set of services that can help you create
and manage your Bitrix24 intranet:
Setup and implementation
  • Assistance with choosing a Bitrix24 subscription plan that fits the client's needs best.
  • Hardware, operating system, and Bitrix24 solution configuration services provided by specialized experts.
  • Installation of Bitrix24 on the server or deployment in the cloud, including basic configuration.
  • Fine-tuning and additional functionality configuration, including development of additional modules needed for business process automation.
  • Corporate portal setup and access rights allocation to employees according to the organizational structure of the company.
  • Development of a unique Bitrix24 Corporate theme.
  • Integration setup (e-mail, cloud PBX or office-based IP PBX and other systems connectivity).
  • Configuration of directories, custom fields, and e-mail templates.
  • Data import into the CRM (Companies, Contacts, etc.).
  • And much more, including non-standard solutions as per client's specific requests.
User training and advice
  • Introducing Bitrix24 (User Package) Aimed at setting up user working environment, including Favorites, Drive, Mobile App, Live Feed, Tasks, Groups, Email configuration.
  • Executive user training (Leader Package) User Package + Salesperson Package + Work history, Reports, and Analytics. Configuration of company structure, user access rights, customer relations stages, offers, billing, sales lead forwarding from a catch-all email address and the website feedback form, email outbox options for employees, custom user fields.
  • Corporate portal administration training (Portal Administrator Package) Configuration of company structure, user access rights, customer relations stages, offers, and billing. Sales lead forwarding from a catch-all email address and the website feedback form, email outbox options for employees, custom user fields.
  • Individual business process training (e. g., Salesperson Package) User Package + CRM: processing Leads and converting them into Deals; Contacts, Companies, preparation of Offers and Billing.
Bitrix24 system maintenance and support
  • usiness analyst services aimed at business process development and optimization.
  • Business process modifications If the portal was initially installed by a company other than First BIT, we will perform an audit of the equipment, the environment, and the Bitrix24 portal itself before starting maintenance work.
  • Individual consultations.
  • Report preparation.
  • Interface configuration.
  • Fine-tuning of existing modules.
  • Bitrix24 helpdesk.uests.
With the implementation done by experienced professionals in a cost-effective manner, you will be able to take advantage of Bitrix24 functionality to the fullest as it meets your company's requirements, making your investment more than worth the while.
Milestones of Bitrix24 implementation by First BIT:
Survey of your company operation. Requirements gathering. Adaptation of best industry practices.
Linking business goals to software functionality. Scope of work assessment in close contact with client .
Implementation roadmap development and critical milestones specification
Configuration of the Bitrix24 portal so as to reflect the organizational structure of your company and to assign user access rights to the employees according to this structure.
Fine-tuning of the functionality set by adding new features and developing custom modules as necessary for business process automation and reaching your other objectives.
Deployment and installation of Bitrix24 on the server or in the cloud followed by basic technical setup.
Conducting training sessions for administrators and ordinary users. Prepare user manuals.
Optional technical support provided via email, phone or on-site technician visit.
We are always happy to assist you! Requests for Bitrrix24 &
Services information.
Our advantages
The benefits of the installation performed by First BIT
  • 18 years in system integration
    We have an extensive experience in deploying and integrating comprehensive automation systems, as well as in software development and other technical services to satisfy all our customers' needs.
  • Technical support and functionality fine-tuning
    We will select Bitrix24 tools that precisely cover the requirements of your company. If there is no ready-made solution that fits your needs, we will develop custom modules for your project. After deploying the solution, we will provide maintenance and technical support services.
  • Reliable partner
    First BIT is the largest Bitrix partner in the world and the only Bitrix Gold Partner in the Middle East and Africa. As a Gold Certified Partner, First BIT guarantees the highest standards of quality, service, and reliability.
  • Market leadership
    We are the leaders in total sales and complexity of Bitrix24 customization projects. Our support specialists are well equipped to ensure smooth operation of your Bitrix24 installation.
  • Global IT company with European roots
    70 branch offices within 5 countries and an international team of more than 5,000 professionals.
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